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Best of both worlds

Gutterpy Storm has the same advertising area as the Classic top plus a water-draining gutter system to keep things dry and extend the life of the tent.  The gutter system maintains the structural integrity of the tent because it doesn't allow rain to pool and tear the fabric or stress the frame.  It also keeps water from cascading over the sides.

Made for repeated use indoors or out

Built to withstand harsh weather, the Storm is well worth the investment because it won't fall apart the way cheap retail tents do, even during the heaviest rainstorms.

The ultimate mobile marketing platform incredibly effective at promoting businesses. Durable, lightweight, easy to fold.

With reinforced fabric and frames built like a tank, Gutterpy tents are as strong as they come.

Customize a tent with your logos and tag lines to suit your brand, business, organization or yourself.

Frame options

Gutterpy Go Frame - powder-coated steel, square shaped legs make it the perfect frame for recreational use.

Gutterpy Pro Frame - industrial strength, corrosion resistant aluminum frame has 40mm-thick hex-shaped legs making it strong and built for repeated use.