gutter + canopy = Gutterpy

The idea for Gutterpy was born out of necessity.  After leaving the military, I launched a party rental company that delivered tailgating equipment to sports fans in Washington, DC.  I was spending too much time repairing pop-up tents damaged by the rain and needed a product that didn’t fail so easily.  Such a thing didn’t exist so it was up to me to build one.  Here's how it started.


I taught myself to sew watching YouTube videos and experimented with all sorts of different designs till I got it just right.  Months later with a soaring water bill and cracked hands, I finally completed Gutterpy.

Retail tents available in stores or online are boring and unreliable.  I wanted to build a tent that looked and functioned unlike anything else on the market.  That's why Gutterpy tents come in a variety of colors and cool patterns you’ve never seen before on a canopy.

The patented gutter system is built into the canopy and drains the rain water to keep it from pooling and falling over the sides.  The frames are corrosion-resistant and built like a tank.  The canopies are reinforced along the seams making them strong and lightweight.  We can fully customize a tent to suit your personal or business needs so that your brand is eye-catching and remains memorable.