Gutterpy Works Just Like The Gutters On Your Home

Technical Specifications

Gutterpy Frame Tech Specs

The Gutterpy Go

If you need a higher quality pop-up tent than what’s available on the retail market but don’t need something as sturdy as a Gutterpy Pro, then Gutterpy Go is the answer. Gutterpy Go is durable so you won’t need to purchase a new canopy every year and it doesn’t collapse during heavy rain. Aesthetically pleasing, Gutterpy Go has unique pattern designs not typically found in retail canopies.



The Gutterpy Pro

The Gutterpy Pro is the highest quality version of the Gutterpy tents and is designed for heavy-duty, commercial use. The industrial strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame has 40mm-thick hex-shaped legs and the canopy fabric is reinforced along the seams and made of 500 Denier Oxford Polyester - making it strong and lightweight.

Sometimes you need more space to promote your business. Gutterpy Pro is modular capable which means you can connect two or more canopies together in any configuration and increase the coverage area without sacrificing strength or experiencing water leakage.


Pro Vs. Go

Feature Gutterpy Pro Gutterpy Go
Utility Repeated, heavy-duty, outdoor use like farmers markets and youth sports Simple recreational use like tailgating and outdoor social gatherings
Dimensions 10’x10’ (100 sq. ft.) 10’x10’ (100 sq. ft.)
Weight 54 lbs. 46 lbs.
Frame Straight Leg, 40mm, Aluminum, Hex Shaped Legs Straight Leg, High-Strength Aluminum, Square Shaped Legs
Joint Fittings Nylon Fittings with Pull Pin Release Dynidiom Fittings with Aluminum Button Release
Portability Heavy Duty Wheel Bag and 12” Field Spikes Wheel Bag and 12” Spikes Included
Canopy Fabric 500 Denier Oxford Polyester 500 Denier Oxford Polyester
Canopy Protection Water Resistant, Fire Retardant, UV Protected Water Resistant, Fire Retardant, UV Protected
Fabric Colors 14 Options. Solid, Striped and Multi-Color Patterns 14 Options. Solid, Striped and Multi-Color Patterns
Fabric Tension Industrial Coil Spring on Center Pole Ensures Maximum Canopy Tension Sliding Center Pole Ensures High Canopy Tension
Patented Built-In, Water-Draining, Gutter System Yes! Yes!
Custom Graphics Available Not Available
Modular System Capable Capable Not Capable

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