A Little Rain Can’t Stop Your Party!

The Gutterpy’s stand out feature is its gutters! Rain that ordinarily would pool on the top of a canopy is drained away from the tent, letting you keep the party going, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse!

Is it windy? Don’t worry! Rain is captured by the gutter system and never has the opportunity to fall off over the sides, keeping you and everything under the Gutterpy dry!


We’ve Got You Covered

The Gutterpy gives you a full 100 square feet of covered space. That’s 36% more space than traditional retail canopies. That means more room for grills, picnic tables, lounge chairs, you name it! That also means more space for everyone to gather under your Gutterpy when their regular tents collapse in the rain!


Keep The Fun Going

Gutterpy canopies won't break down, because they are built of better fabric and stronger frames. Its unique design also lessens the impact of the weather on the materials, making it last longer than those cheap retail canopies. Less money wasted on replacing your tent means more money for picnic items, beach toys, whatever your heart desires!


Stand Out From The Crowd

Nobody wants to blend in with the herd, and with the Gutterpy you?re sure to stand out. Not only is it a step above the rest when it comes to quality and functionality, but you can also get it in colors and patterns your everyday canopy doesn't offer. Go ahead - show a little pizazz at your next outdoor event!


Keep The Selling Going 

Weather no longer means lost revenue from closing up shop early. Whether you are selling at a farmers market, craft fair or flea market, the Gutterpy protects you and your wares from the elements. No more damage to your products, and no more having to clean up puddles. All you have to do is focus on making those sales!


Make a Splash - Without Getting Wet

Make sure your company gets noticed at the next trade show or industry event. Our unique modular system gives you the option to link together as many Gutterpy's as you desire, giving you ample space for your display, as well as a ton of real estate to include branding on the canopies themselves!



Differentiate Yourself

We are all familiar with the typical promotional products out there, including cheap pop-up canopies. Why not stand out from the rest of the herd by offering one of the highest-quality canopies out there? A better canopy equals a superior customer experience - which means nothing but positive reviews for you!