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We all know that the struggle is real to find the perfect gift for your dear ones. Use this animated banner template to surprise your clients with the best gifts ideas. Add all the details about your perfect gifts, your logo, brand colors and you're good to go.


Shop from our collection of ready-made tent tops or get a customized tent top with your own unique design.  For a $10 service fee, we'll gift wrap your tent top, add some wrapping tissue paper and write a personalized message to the recipient

Make it easier for your customers to deal with gifts giving by offering complimentary gift wrapping as an option.

Free Shipping

Whatever sales technique you pick this Christmas, add Free Shipping on top of it.

Offer your customers a Merry Christmas and a few savings left in their pockets. They might tell their friends about you. And come back next year as well.

Sales are significantly impacted by the lack of free shipping, so try to provide this option, especially when an order exceeds a certain amount.

When people order a gift for someone, they’ll want to hide the cost details. Make this an option at check-out, so that people can tick the box if they want to hide the price tag of the product.

 ready-made gift bundles or at least with a batch of fantastic gift ideas.

Free Shipping

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