How to maximize sales as a craft fair vendor with a strong display

If you’re a craftsperson or artisan, you most likely have sold or plan to sell at an arts and crafts fair at some point. Doing so can be very competitive, but there are ways to stand out from the crowd. One major way of doing so is by creating a strong first impression.

Your display is incredibly important – possibly more important than the products themselves. Don’t take this the wrong way, but honestly, you have to entice people to come to your display if you want them to even see your products. That’s why your booth design strategy has to be on point, you can’t just rely on your products to sell themselves.

Take a look at retail and window displays. There’s a method to the way those displays are set up, drawing the shopper in and persuading them to spend money. Since your booth is the equivalent of a tiny retail shop, it must do the same. It has to be visible and eye catching from afar, and welcome them and give them enough intrigue to invite them to stay.

An excellent way to have your booth stand out is by using a customized Gutterpy tent. You can customize it with your brand colors, logo and other graphics that will set it apart from the sea of plain white and off white canopies out there.

Once your potential customers have seen you from afar, you want their close-up experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Make sure your entryway into your booth is clear of any clutter. One cool thing about the Gutterpy tent is that it provides a full 100 square feet of coverage. Other, cheaper canopies taper on the way up, so that the covered area only ends up being abou 80 square feet.

Make sure your table coverings and backgrounds are neutral so they complement, instead of detract from, the products you are selling. Color contrast is incredibly effective in showing off your wares. If your products are lighter in color, consider displaying them on a darker solid color.

Another trick to show off your products are to use  unusual display items. For example, if you are a jewelry maker, you may think to just lay your pieces out on a cloth. But, imagine the difference if you had them placed on a vintage, shabby-chic shelf with complementary decorations. Not only is the display unique, but it will get your products closure to eye level for shoppers to see.

Signage is important, as well, and should be kept simple. The best, most eye catching Gutterpy tents feature a logo and a tagline, as well as a back wall graphic that can be customized. Keeping things simple enables users to really see you from afar. Once they get closer, item signage and descriptions should be kept simple, as most folks aren’t keen on reading a ton about a product. We’re visual creatures, so we want to get the important info and then spend our time looking at the products themselves.

Finally, keep your space neat and tidy. Don’t clutter it with supplies and other items. If someone walks by and sees a space cluttered with bins and other supply containers, chances are they will walk on by, only noticing the mess and not your products.

If you are interested in stepping up your display game with a Gutterpy tent, contact us now! We’d love to help you design your own custom pop up canopy with gutters!