Sweets on the Sidelines: 7 Tailgating Desserts Shaped Like Footballs

Yes, desserts are great by themselves. But desserts at tailgates are even better. And even better than desserts at tailgates? Desserts at tailgates shaped like footballs.

Get in the spirit of the game with these 8 treats shaped like your old pigskin.

1. Football brownies

These might be the easiest tailgating desserts of all. Get your hands on some Mini Bites Brownies (or bake and shape your own), and decorate with frosting football laces. The stitching can be made with a piping bag or a plastic bag with a corner snipped off. Either way, easy as a touchdown on the one-yard line.

2. Football fudge pies

Two words: fudge pies. That’s about all it takes to sell us on these individual chocolate desserts. Get the recipe here.


3. Chocolate peanut butter football truffles

These chunks of sweet, sugary deliciousness can be eaten alone or placed on top of chocolate cupcakes. To avoid issues with melting chocolate, you might want to wait for colder weather to bring these around. Or if you’re in the South, put them in a cooler! Get the recipe here.

4. Chocolate chip cookie dough footballs

Like the football truffles, these cookie dough pigskins are best made day-of and left to chill on ice. They’re definitely worth the extra care, though, because we have to admit – they’re pretty cute. Get the recipe here.

5. Rice Krispies footballs

Not many delicious recipes contain the phrase “butter your hands.” Get messy with these Rice Krispies football treats. Also, notice how most of these involve white piping to make football laces. You might want to take the recipe’s advice and invest in a few tubes of cookie icing. Get the recipe here.

6. Football cupcakes

Is it really a get-together if no one makes cupcakes? These party staples don’t even require a recipe, just a little skill with frosting. Make chocolate cupcakes and then frost a football shape. Finish with white frosting for laces (See, we told you to invest in cookie icing tubes). Get more instruction here.


7. Football cake pops

Everything tastes better on a stick, and footballs are no exception. And check out the presentation on these babies. Some Styrofoam, some fake grass, some plastic forks, and a dream and suddenly you have the most put-together dessert at the party. And thus, you win the tailgate. Congrats and thank us later. Get the recipe here.