Longhorns Tailgating 101

As we are settling into our new home here in Austin, we are excited to get into the tailgating spirit. University of Texas tailgating is woven into the thread of the community, a tradition passed on from generation to generation. We decided to do learn a bit more about how to get involved. Step one, learn the cheer: “Hook ‘em, horns!” Step 2, get your gear. Step 3, pick your spot!

Get Your Gear

It would be silly to attend a tailgate without the proper attire. But here in Austin, it’s more than just a t-shirt or a jersey. We’re talking full-on Longhorns fashion. At the University Co-op, you can find everything from shirts, dresses, boots, pants and more – even outfits for your pet!

Looking for more of a souvenir t-shirt? Check out Tyler’s on the drag, which sells surf-themed clothes infused with Austin’s culture and flare.

Pick your spot

In Austin, the variety of tailgating spots runs the gamut from quiet and secluded to loud and energetic.

Exclusive locations such as the backYARD, a grassy lawn behind the downtown Sheraton hotel. During the UT football season, this area transforms into tailgate central. You can settle into the grassy lawn, enjoy food and drinks from the food carts and watch the game on the big projector screen.

Want something even more exclusive? Check out the Vince Young Steakhouse, where you can enjoy a hearty chophouse meal and UT themed cocktails while watching the game.

If rowdy and crowded are more your speed, you’re in luck. The Etter-Harbin Alumni Center hosts one of the largest tailgates in Texas, with an average of 10,000 attendees per home game. The party starts 3 hours before kickoff, and you can watch the game on an inflatable screen outside.

Another iconic tailgate is the Scholz Garten scene. They have a Beir Garten where you can enjoy a pre-game beer, wienerschnitzel, bratwurst and old fashioned barbecue.

Looking for more info on Texas Longhorn Tailgating? Check out this guide that offers a list of tailgates in the Austin area.