7 Signs You Need a New Tailgating Tent

1. Every time it rains while you’re tailgating, you become inexplicably soaking wet, even when standing beneath the tent. Might be that giant hole in the tent fabric, but you aren’t quite sure.


2. You’ve done the math and there’s about a 36% chance the tent will stay standing throughout the duration of a tailgate party in late October in the Midwest. Hey, 36% is better than 0%, right?


3. Your tent is a great size for standing still by yourself with your arms at your sides and nothing else. Can’t risk movement or you’ll be exposed to the elements.


4. When clouds descend, it’s time to pack up. Yeah, you hauled 100 pounds of food here for a taco bar you just finished setting up, but you aren’t in the mood to chase your tent across the parking lot when a light drizzle blows it away (again).


5. People tailgating in the same area as you don’t make eye contact with you. You’ve noticed that they don’t really seem to enjoy talking to you and they laugh whenever your tent falls over for the sixth time that day. Rude.


6. After that sixth collapse, you generally just use the tent as a blanket instead. No point in setting up again when you can just enjoy laying under a canvas blanket at an August tailgate in the South.


7. That one time your tent did stand up in a light drizzle with a slight breeze, you still got pelted in the face with water. But, hey, that’s what happens when the water runs off your tent and gets blown directly into your personal space. Come with the canopy tent territory, right?


Wrong. If any of these sound like your average tailgating experience, we’re here to help.Head over to our website to learn how.

Or you can spend the rest of your tailgating days alone and soaked with rainwater under a collapsed canvas tent. At the end of the day it’s up to you.