5 Tips for the Ultimate Beach Day

Summer is here, and if you’re lucky enough to live by the water, be it a river, lake or ocean, no doubt you’ll be spending some time on the beach! We at Gutterpy want to share some tips with you to make sure you have an epic beach day!

Tip 1: Remember your tent!

If you’re out at the beach all day, you’ll want to have a place where you and your family can gather to relax and escape the sun’s rays. The Gutterpy is your perfect solution, as its large 10ft x10ft footprint gives you plenty of space for your family to gather under. It’ll protect you in the case of sudden showers that may pass through, and its strength will keep it in place even with the occasional wind gust. The unique patterns and colors that the Gutterpy comes in will also help you stand out from the rest of the beach crowd!

Tip 2: Plan the Time of Day

When planning a fun day at the beach, you want to make sure you get there at the right time of day. The heat is the most intense between 10am and 2pm, and that is often the most crowded time, too. Consider heading to the beach earlier in the morning, or after 2pm. You’ll avoid being caught in the midday heat, and chances are you’ll find a great spot to set up camp.

Tip 3: Protect Your Skin

Chances are you’ll want to be out in the sun and water, and the sun’s UV rays can burn you even if you are under cover. Make sure to bring plenty of strong, waterproof sunscreen. You’ll want to make sure it’s safe for your skin, as well. Check out this list of the top sunscreens for 2018 to find a safe and effective option. Make sure to bring along hats and even t-shirts to protect the kiddos as they play in the sand and water.

Tip 4: Keep Hydrated

You’ll want to make sure you drink plenty of liquids, and we don’t mean just beer or soda. It’s easy to become dehydrated as you’re spending time in the sun and salt water, so making sure you consume enough water throughout the day will help keep your body cool and also avoid heat stroke. Here’s a tip: freeze water bottles the night before. They can double as ice packs for your cooler, and as they melt they will provide a cool refreshing drink!

Tip 5: Pack Your Bags

We all know how messy a day at the beach can be. Be sure to bring along plastic bags to carry wet swimsuits and beach towels. You’ll also want a bag to carry sandy clothes and shoes, as well as any beach treasures you or the kids pick up during the day. And, you’ll obviously want to have bags on hand to collect any garbage or recyclables that you need to pack out. Be sure to pack your bags out and don’t leave any plastic bags or other materials behind. You’d be surprised to know that scientists have found plastic garbage at the bottom of the ocean floor, so you definitely want to avoid contributing to that.

We hope these beach day tips help you have the most fun in the sun. To get your own Gutterpy, click here!