4 Foods You Need to Try At Your Next Tailgate

Yeah, hamburgers and hotdogs and casseroles are cool, but are you craving something different this football season? Forget the grilled chicken of last season and instead try these cool new foods to beef up your tailgate parties.

1. French fries

This particular fry recipe only calls for three toppings: bacon bits, cheese, and green onions. But imagine the possibilities! Why stop at bacon bits when you could reach for the stars and have shredded chicken or homemade chili on top?>Get the recipe here.

2. Chicken and waffle sliders

Chicken and waffles = good. Sliders = good. So why did it take so long to come up with chicken and waffle sliders? Instead of using full-size ingredients, use mini frozen waffles and chicken tenders. Served on a toothpick, these tiny tailgating hors d’oeuerves will pack a punch. Get the recipe here.

3. French onion field goal burgers

This goes beyond just spicing up the hamburger. It’s a whole new twist on traditional American food. The recipe (from “Mantitlement”) can best be summed up with the following author’s quote:

“Here’s the key to my tailgating parties “ everything has to be pretty epic, not just a hot dog and a bun, I’m talking knock your socks off food that people go crazy over.”

Three layers of burgers + three types of cheeses + caramelized onions = three-point field goals in your mouth top. Get the recipe here.

4. Cubano sliders

Live on the Upper West Coast? The Northeast? Doesn’t matter. We all live in Miami when eating Cubano game day sliders. Grab a fistful of these little guys and wash them down with a daquiri on the side. Get the recipe here.