3 Tailgating Tips to Rock Game Day

Take your tailgating experience to the next level with these easy tips!

Plan Ahead

If you’re doing any planning the morning of, you’re losing the most coveted spots. Here are a few things you can get organized in advance:

  • Create a checklist – note everything that you want and need to take. It’s way easier to make sure you have all you need if it’s written down!
  • Your game day menu – check out some great recipes.
  • Non-perishable items – organize and pack any item that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. We suggest keeping a pre-packed container with all of your dry goods, such as utensils, dishes, napkins, barbecuing utensils, etc. that you can just grab and go with – no need to unpack and re-pack each time. Also pro tip: Bring an extra, empty plastic container to haul your dirty dishes back home in!
  • Label your coolers and containers – make sure you’ve got a separate cooler for raw meat, especially. But, make it easy to find beer, soda, drinks, snacks, cooking essentials, etc. by labeling everything.

Pack Your Cooler Efficiently

When packing your cooler, it’s easy to want to just throw everything in there. However, the problem is that the more space between items, the more warm air that can get in, which kind of defeats the purpose of a cooler. In addition to using ice, fill in extra space with bottles that you filled with water the night before and froze. Not only will you help keep your cooler cool, you’ll also have cool water to drink as the day heats up!

Bring Plenty of Games

Sure, just grilling out and having some beers is fun on its own, but everything is more fun when you bring games. Footballs, horseshoes, playing cards, cornhole, the list goes on. In fact, you can check out our article on other tailgating games that aren’t cornhole. If you’ve got young kids with you, think about bringing games that they can have fun playing while staying safe. One of the coolest ones we’ve seen: Flickin’ Chicken. That’s right, it’s a game where you hit targets by throwing rubber chickens. If that doesn’t sound like fun, we don’t know what will.

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