3 Ways a Gutterpy Tent Can Enhance Your Farmers’ Market Experience

Are you a farmers’ market or craft/art fair vendor? If so, then you know how many factors come into play to have a successful day. Weather, competition, and space can all have profound effects on your selling experience. Luckily, Gutterpy is a great tool to help you have a profitable and successful day at the market!

Protection from the Elements

The unpredictability of the weather is something that can make or break your day at the market. So often, a rainy day or sudden storm can wreak havoc on your selling experience. The Gutterpy is one way of mitigating the risk of cutting a selling day short due to inclement weather.

When using a traditional canopy, water pools and can flood your selling space. Even worse, the collecting water on the top of your tent can cause it to buckle and collapse, and nobody wants that! The Gutterpy’s patented gutter system directs water down and away from the tent, keeping you and your wares dry. It’s superior strength and construction also ensures that your tent will stay in perfect form, even in the nastiest of storms. What does that mean? You can stay longer and sell more, ensuring a more profitable day!

Ample Space

Did you know that traditional canopies, even though they may have dimensions that read 10’x10’, only give you about 80 square feet of coverage? That is because they taper towards the top, in an effort to make the flimsy frame more resilient. The Gutterpy’s stronger materials eliminate the need to taper at the top, thereby providing you with a full 10’x10’ covered space. What’s more, with the Gutterpy Pro, you can link together multiple tents, giving you the ability to create a spacious area to display your goods and allow customers to walk through your space freely.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Gutterpy tents are the perfect combination of strength and style. They come in a variety of unique colors and patterns. Additionally, you can have yours customized with your business’ branding, ensuring that you will stand out from the rest of the vendors at your event, drawing in more business!

If you’re interested in a Gutterpy tent of your own to use at your next outdoor selling event, please visit our Kickstarter info page, where you can sign up for notifications for when the campaign goes live!