ABOUT Gutterpy

I'm Andy Macias, owner of Gutterpy Tents & Promo, a company born out of necessity. After retiring from the military, I launched a tailgate rental business for sports fans in Washington, DC, and soon found myself repairing pop-up tents and much as I was renting them. All I needed was a tent that wouldn't collapse in the rain, so it was up to me to build one. That's how it all started.

I taught myself to sew and started experimenting with all sorts of designs until I got it just right. I wanted a tent with a built-in gutter system to keep rain from collecting and causing the canopy to sag.

Gutterpy has grown from a single product business to a full-service promotional product company helping businesses find cost-effective ways to connect with customers.

This poorly-made video will show you how the gutter system works.


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