What's the Gutterpy for You?

All Gutterpy pop-up canopies can be fitted with our unique water-draining gutter system built right into the fabric.

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Gutterpy Tents Last Longer

The gutter system maintains the structural integrity of the tent because it doesn't allow rain to pool and tear the fabric or stress the frame.  It also keeps water from cascading over the sides.

Red's BBQ & Pizzeria, Ashburn, VA

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What Makes Gutterpy Different from Other Tents?

Built-In Gutter System

It stops water from pooling or falling over the sides. It keeps things dry and extends the life of the tent.

Create Your Vision

Customize a tent with your logos and tag lines to suit your brand, business, organization or yourself.

Individuality, Style & Fashion

Turn heads and make a statement with colors and patterns never before seen on a canopy!

Strongest Frames and Tents

With reinforced fabric and frames built like a tank, Gutterpy tents are as strong as they come.

"I started Gutterpy to fix a problem..."

The idea was born out of necessity. Owning a party rental company, I spent countless hours repairing pop-up tents damaged by the rain and needed a product that didn’t fail so easily. Such a thing didn’t exist so it was up to me to build one.


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